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Mana was a moniker given by the first Indo-European language speakers to the energy we exchange when we communicate. This mantic meaning, through semantic spread, came to colonise the signifier for the Moon (meh₁nṓt is the contemporary spelling of the sound Ancient Ukrainians used to signify the Moon in the Proto-Indo-European language from which all the Indo-European languages we speak today evolved).

The light that luminesced through the Moon became an apt metaphor to illuminate what distinguishes us humans from inanimate objects, so we became known as human. Over time, Mana’s existence, as an energy we exchange constantly with other sentient beings, was forgotten about. It’s immanent though still in some of the most fundamental signifiers we use in Indo-European languages in practically every sentence we speak - like every word in bold here that sacred M-N- sound remains! Yet, Mana’s presence in the name for our species is a testament to how early humans recognised its importance to us all. In fact, the sacred M-N- sound in hundreds of English words which evolved from the first Indo-Europeans’ vocabulary is itself evidence of the Power of Mana. I call this immanence in our everyday language today Reversion to the Moon [-based metaphorical semantic system].

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