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links for the hope session[edit | edit source] are you feeling deflated? risk maps cities under water




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We can only build the futures that we can imagine[edit | edit source]

The plan is to have a Village in the MCH2021, about climate emergency. The village is about creating imaginations for resilience and of possible futures.

  • Everything is interconnected.
  • Global financial system chimera,
  • A resonance of purpose and senses, substance and appearance, strong and vibrating life, celebrating everything that brings us to life. Feeling of solidarity.
  • Solidarity with Non-Human - Exploration of the separation between humans and non-humans

work title: SOLARPUNK[edit | edit source]

is a 'label' people are using to find a narrative for a brighter future ("solar") while deliberately subverting the systems that keep that brighter future from happening ("punk").

This means, there are different 'definitions of what this would be, but the common ground is to build narratives to envision a future that is more equal, collaborative, peaceful, tolerant, decentralised where all species have a place to live.

" Cyberpunk is often married to dystopia because of how it began—in the west it spawned from the Cold War, Reaganomics, and the perceived threat of an Orientalized, globalized future. But the reality is that modern life unironically buys into cyberpunk tropes of tech-fueled consumerism and corporate supremacy."

Ultimately, the way we portray fictional futures has a real impact on pop culture and our imaginations.

"When all we see are bleak gritty cyberpunk realities, it becomes a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, where this is the only way we know to imagine the future," Shalloway explains. And as climate change and sustainability become critically urgent issues, more people have become vocal about the need for something different. And that alternative is solarpunk: a vibrant young genre that focuses on sustainability, innovation, open-source technology, and collective action."

Talks / Workshops[edit | edit source]

need to look for talks. maybe radio conversations can be a podcast

eco grief[edit | edit source]

from XR regeneration culture

A beautiful sharing (40min lecture) about eco-emotions and particularly How eco-grief will help us save ourselves - by Rupert Read (on YT)

Can computer games help young people to cope with their grief? Listen to the BBC podcast, check this website, and look for the game called Apart of Me (9-12y) in your app store.

A burst of adrenaline, tension for many days, exploding with anger for stupid reasons, compulsively checking messages, inability to rest, feeling that your brain can't produce any ideas, feeling unable to get up from bed... and so on. If you happen to experience any of this, then this movie is about you: Radical Resilience (notice that you may choose different subtitles). Organize a screening in your group. Meet and watch together. It will be 65 minutes about every one of you. Then you may talk in the circle about your own experience.

The Trained Emotional Support Network (TESN) offers a range of emotional support options for both individuals and groups. Please contact or The Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) provides a list of practitioners offering three free sessions of therapeutic support to activists. Check the link to find support.

ART[edit | edit source] - restorative design / humanity will become extinct. We need to desing an elegant ending - Misschien heb je het al gehoord: een aantal Rotterdamse kunstenaars en hackers werken aan projecten gerelateerd aan documenta 15. De projecten zijn tot stand gekomen in samenwerking met ruangrupa, het kunstenaarscollectief uit Jakarta (Indonesië) die dit jaar de artistieke leiding heeft. addresses invasive plants not as things to be cast-off, but rather as potential assets to our communities

links random[edit | edit source] - are there radios on sustainability projects?

  • Textile We create high quality fabrics starting from the hundreds of thousands of tons of by-product that the citrus processing industry produces each year and which otherwise should be disposed of, with costs for the citrus juice industry and the environment. Rotterdam