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psychoanalyse[edit | edit source]

onmipotent position to see that there is a problem, and to use onmipotence to solve it, a magical thought, S named it a manic repair for example: governments setting ambition targets it creates a virtual world , a quick fix - that is a manic repair . the area of climate change is filled with manic repair and magical thinking.

denial of reality - causes anxiety? a person thinks a magical thing that makes the anxiety go away

anxiety generating subjects - when ppl get overanxious ppl go away from the subject need support to bear the anxiety

social pressure to avoid to talk about the seriousness of the crisis culture of uncare = it suits the culture we dont talk about climate change, we dont talk about how serious it is, because it keeps us consuming. Our 'cover stories' well there is nothing I can do, and we change the subject But culture drives this.

We have internalised a whole culture that is in disavowel about climate change . It is not only that us as indivuduals are in sisawoul

How do you brake with the culture so you see things more clearly and how do you survive the anxiety you feel when you look at the situation